Hidden Meanings in the Word: Creativity

Creativity takes imagination. Imagination takes stretching the mind. This is a stretch.

In a recent brand exercise we conducted on ourselves, we decided that Manifeste Marketing, among other things, is essentially a “creative agency”, which is to say, we traffic in creativity.

This was not necessarily a breakthrough conceptually, but it did have the effect of helping us narrow our definition. We are all about…

Creativity. Let’s take the word apart and look at its inner meanings.

First thing: Create. Okay that’s self-explanatory. But inside of that there’s EAT. We all need to eat. Our clients need to eat. The agency needs to eat. In order to help our clients eat and us to eat, Manifeste has dedicated itself to be as crEATive as can be. And truly, we want to eat really well, so being as creative as possible matters. My lunch today will be fabulous.


Ativ. That’s like an ATV, an all-terrain vehicle, with “I” in it. Which is to say “I” can be creative in all sorts of vehicles: websites, videos, blogs, social media posts, direct mail, radio, television. Movie theater advertising. How about that? Did you ever think of that? Did you ever consider movie theater advertising? Huh? (Yes, we’re also known for our immaturity, or as we like to think of it, “youthfulness”.)

There’s “vit”, which is the second part of the word inVITe, because let’s face it, we’re an inviting group to work with, play with, have fun with, get serious with. But “VIT” is also the first syllable of the word VITamin, which is a good thing when turning to an agency to do your creative work. You want an agency that is vitaminic, that has vitality, that breathes life into your marketing, into your product promotions, into your interactions with them, in turn breathing new life into your old, dull, drab life. Transforming it, of course, into something better. Something spicier. It’s a little like adding Cholula Original to your ice cream. Only even better.

Then there’s “y”. In Spanish, a language near and dear to our hearts our culture (as well as to our account coordinator Luisa), the word literally means “and”. Y what could be better? An agency with “and” at the end of its primary definition, meaning you always get more than you bargained for. A surprise. A twist. A plus. A bonus. Everyone loves bonuses.

And everyone loves creativity. Now love this post and get back to work.

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