Go to a website and what's the first thing you do?

Watch a video. Want to show folks “How to?” Put up a video. Need social media that keeps people engaged? Post short videos. Want to capture consumer comments? Testimonial videos.

Is this trend driven by an encroaching laziness of consumers? Or is it the most efficient way to get lots of info fast? Who cares? Don’t tell me. Show me.

Everyone loves a story well told, whether about cancer, biking, singing or solar panels. Everybody’s watching because that’s what we do. It’s the golden age of TV. It’s the golden age of video. It’s the golden age of story.

We tell stories well. We’d like to tell your stories for you.

Featured Videos


We were given the assignment to capture the ethos of a digital talent competition that hadn’t yet happened, through an app still in development, using talent not yet  identified. We conceived, wrote, booked, filmed and edited this, start to finish, in just over three weeks. Cut 34 short versions of it. Used them to create social media posts and YouTube content. And we’re still mining all the great stuff we got.

Shoot more than you need. Use it all later. Content is king.

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A Moving Film

Manifeste was moving offices and needed an announcement. So we turned the camera on ourselves, and created this Nike send-up. Beautifully shot, but the narrative is all important so keep your sound on.

Another brand film


Introducing a new medical technology is tough. Don’t want to say too much or disclaimers become the whole ad. Here’s a very short story of technology playing a central role in one woman’s battle against cancer.

More medical videos

A Woman's Journey

This film has a double purpose: explaining to a viewer the experience of being treated with radiotherapy; explaining how radiotherapy — and TrueBeam — works.

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