Astrum Solar Myths Campaign

Some solar markets are mature: many installations, lots of advertising, plenty of public acceptance. But some are nascent: people don’t even know what panels look like on a roof, and they believe all sorts of things that are untrue, myths if you will. It was time to burst the myths.

We did that with a series of banner ads and landing pages, driven by radio running in Astrum’s less-mature solar markets.

ClientAstrum SolarServicesAdvertising | Animation | Web Development

Concept 1

Explode the Myth

These web banners were shaped like bubbles or balloons, and each contained a myth, e.g., “Solar is too expensive.” Upon rolling over the banner, each balloon shows its text. Click on any one and you’re delivered to a web page that houses all of the myths and their realities (opened to the myth you selected) plus a call to action to find out more about your home today.

Concept 2

Not True

These banners featured one myth at a time, followed by the words, “NOT TRUE!” The call to action led to a landing page environment featuring all the myths, styled to match the creative.

Concept 3

The Spinner

This banner contained a spinner with eight numbers. Roll over the spinner and it spins; once it stops on a number, a myth appears. Click the CTA, and you’re taken to a landing page to address that myth plus the same spinner which you can either drag to each number to see the corresponding myth and reality, or spin to generate myths randomly.

Banner 1. Explode the myth
Banner 2. Not True
Banner 3. The Spinner