Glass Lewis

Glass Lewis is the second largest company of its sort in the world. So why would they need to explore brand? Because they are about more than corporate governance. More than proxy advisory services. More than proxy voting. Our brand process took them out of “proxy advisory jail” and put them on the map as a company that strengthens the connection between investors and their investments. Following our brand exercise and manifesto, we delivered them a new logo, new brand guidelines, and a new website to present their new look and messaging to their corporate and investor targets.

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Meaning of

Blue Dots

Each of the identical eight dots represented in the logo has its own defining characteristic and interpretation noted above in the Logo Meaning section, all of which summarize the logo’s overall objectivity to drive value through connections and engagement. In another sense, each dot represents investors and issuers all having a seat at the table.

Meaning of

Orange Connectors

Glass Lewis is a global company; the orange connectors communicate our vision of global engagement. Good governance is achieved when investors and issuers understand that we are all interconnected — to each other and to our social and physical environment. In the ideal, global corporations are connected under unified global standards for governance solutions.

Then we built a website...

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