The CEO in person, long-distance

The CEO of Megastar, Dion Sullivan, travels a lot. Too much. To Australia. To Dubai. To London. Places that make NYC seem like a short jaunt from San Francisco.

In October 2017, he needed to give an update to investors worldwide, but couldn’t get away; he was in the middle of a global contest, the first Megastar Worldwide Tournament. So we scripted and shot this video of him talking to investors.

It was a bit different for him. Instead of being interviewed, we had him talk directly to camera. We illustrated many of his points with cutaway footage. Then we cut it for maximum energy and speed. He gets through an amazing amount of material here very quickly.

ClientMegastar ServicesVideo Production, Motion Graphics

Part One

State of the Megastar Competition.

Strategy: Release investor content in phases

Dion had a lot to say. We had around 10 minutes of information to distill. And we knew our investor audience has limited time. So we split the content into three segments and set up a schedule to release each part of the series over a few days on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Part Two

Megastar & Social Media Promotions.

Part Three

Future for Megastar & MSM.