American Idol. America’s Got Talent. The Voice. There are TV talent contests everywhere. Megastar Millionaire came to Manifeste with a nascent idea: host a talent contest online: social media stars of all stripes with all varieties of talent competing for big prizes on a global scale.

We helped them develop:

• An initial product look.
• An investor deck to entice investment.
• A concept movie to show investors.
• The prospectus for their public stock offering
• A quick website to tease the issue and collect email addresses
• Another website for investors, that begins to paint the picture not only of the initial product idea, but of the parent company’s higher purpose as well.

First success: a large funding round from subscribed investors.

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Web Design Concept

The most powerful force on the planet.It invents technologies. It imagines art. It tells stores.It infuses the physicality of sport with strategy and style.MSM TRANSFORMS CREATIVITY INTO CAPITAL.

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Prospectus Design

Responsive Design

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