Pat Laughlin | BMX Innovator

We found Pat on YouTube. Loved his trick. He rode down a 100 foot ramp, left his bicycle flying 65 feet through the air, and landed on another bicycle — feet on pedals, hands on bars. Whew. So we reached out to get him to interview for our Megastar film. He's a star. Watch him glow.

Rule of Thumb: Shoot too much.

When we shoot a film, we over shoot. Because we know, especially when shooting documentary style, that the extra stuff, the stuff you don’t end up using in the final longer video, is often still great. And makes for terrific :15 to :25 footage a client can push out in social media. Good branding. Good marketing. Fun to watch.

Sophia Stoller | Dance

Sophia has a dance troupe of eight people and wanted to choreograph a piece for Megastar. A one-minute, athletic, gorgeous showpiece. Beautiful. We shot her rehearsing the troupe, then caught a brilliant final performance.

Jay Walker | Comedy

Jay Walker does stand-up. But his real claim to fame was his Vines account, where he had more than 400,000 followers. He's the master, not of the short film, but of the tiny film. He's also a really funny guy.

“The validation of having people laugh at you…

it’s intoxicating.”

— Jay Walker

India Carney | Singer, Songwriter, Actress

India Carney is a superstar, or at least is on her way. Shown here at age 23, she is a singer, a player, a songwriter, and an actress. Soulful, she brings as much heart to R&B as she does singing Schumann in German. She appeared on The Voice and placed fifth for the season. She teaches music. And she has a huge social media following which she uses to great effect. We were lucky to have found her. We love shooting talented people.

Saint Adeline | Band

Saint Adeline (in age order) is Drew Gasparini, Kasie Gasparini, and Chloe Gasparini. They hail from Marin County, but live in NYC, where Drew is writing musical theater (under contract), Kasie is performing in plays an musicals and Chloe is in the Clive Davis School of Music at NYU. They're funny, great singers and players, and you can tell, have a terrific relationship with each other. They're on the rise. Fight for it.