Solar City Direct Mail

This SolarCity package mailed to homeowners, 35-55, with more than $100K HH income, more than 2 years in their home, in neighborhoods with above-average solar penetration.

Using the copy line, “Turn Sunshine into Savings,” and the offer “$0 Down” as the control package we tested other offer frameworks as well. (It turns out that at the time, $0 Down consistently won all offer tests.) We also tested this closed-face package against simple postcards.

Note the tone and style of the Lift Note. “We’re trying to change the world. By saving people $40 a month at a time.” The subsequent copy on the outside of the note took on a very philosophical tone, appropriate for the founders, who are cousins of Elon Musk.

Results: The closed-face package out-pulled postcards 1.87% to 1.05%. Howeverm the combination of production cost of a postcard, and the subsequent conversion rate helped us determine that a postcard in this case was more efficient. We also noted that in general, consumers who received more than three postcard mailings were significantly more likely to respond.

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